Kevin Durant takes aim at basketball pundits in latest Twitter rant

 Kevin Durant doesn't pull any punches when criticizing NBA media pundits and how they portray him and the league overall.

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In his latest exchange via Twitter, Durant calls out ESPN and FOXSports1 personalities for setting the game of basketball back due to how the game is covered.

The war of words didn't stop there, as Durant's assertion saw a strong response from one of the most recognizable and loudest NBA pundits out there. Leave it to Durant to get the last word in. The Brooklyn Nets star tweeted out a comical video clip to illustrate just how much the media's opinion matters to him.

This Brooklyn-Atlanta trade would transform underachieving Nets into true contenders next season

The Brooklyn Nets have an embarrassment of riches as far as perimeter shooting is concerned. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Seth Curry, Patty Mills and Joe Harris are all long-range snipers of the highest order. But are the Nets too perimeter oriented? Absolutely.
Brooklyn doesn't get to the free throw line with regularity, outside of Durant and Irving attacking the rim when they're able to split double-teams. Harris and Curry will both be coming off ankle surgery, while Mills showed that heavy minutes in a starting role wore him down in the second half of the 2021-22 NBA regular season. 

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 Curry and Mills are both undersized and below average defenders that teams hunt in Steve Nash's switch happy scheme. Yes, Ben Simmons is expected to make his Nets' debut next season, but he's hardly a score-first point guard and shies away from going to the free throw line. Sean Marks needs to get creative this off-season and target a big man who can do it all: defend 1 to 5, shoot 3-pointers, rebound and attack the basket. With Trae Young carrying the scoring load, Atlanta slid down the Eastern Conference rankings this past season and has been rumored to shake things up. 

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 Brooklyn could send Harris, Kessler Edwards and one of the future first round pick it obtained in the trade with Philly centered on Harden and Simmons. Edwards is a dynamite young player who will need more time to develop as 3-an-D option for Brooklyn, but the clock is ticking on Durant's prime with Irving as his likely running mate. 

 A starting five of Simmons, Irving, Curry, Durant and Collins with Bruce Brown, Andre Drummond and Mills as the first three options off the bench would instantly transform a Nets team lacking physicality and defensive toughness into a formidable squad. The Nets are likely losing both Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge this summer and getting a quality big still approaching the prime years of his career isn't something Marks and company should pass up.

KD, Draymond debate how Cavs defended Warriors in 2017 and 2018 NBA Finals

Golden State is playing in its sixth NBA Finals in eight seasons, but a current Warrior, Draymond Green, gave his justification for why Steph Curry has yet to win an NBA Finals MVP Award, on Colin Cowherd.

 Green and Kevin Durant, who left in the Warriors in free agency in the summer of 2019 have a history of clashes. 

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Upon joining Brooklyn alongside Irving, Durant cited his verbal altercation with Green during the 2018-19 regular season as one of the tipping points for him to ultimately agreeing to a sign and trade to become a Net. Durant didn't see things that way, at all.

The last two years, the former teammates have appeared to repair whatever reported rift existed to win the Men's Basketball Gold Medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, (delayed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

That was no more evident than a potential Twitter war being diffused by a simple gentleman's disagreement.

That was no more evident than a potential Twitter war being diffused by Durant respectfully disagreeing with Greene's comments about the number of double-teams Steph Curry faced compared to Durant.


So while the Twitter debate between two NBA champions rages on, Green and Curry will have the final say on what team hosts the Larry O'Brien trophy on Thursday night.

Kevin Durant agrees with All-time great's critical assessment of modern day NBA game

Don't include three-time champion James Worthy in the group of NBA fans loving the modern day 3-point happy game. 

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 In an interview with Stoney & Jansen Show, on 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit, Worthy didn't mince words when characterizing the modern NBA game and athlete. The comments made their way to Kevin Durant, who seemed to agree with the fact that modern day pro athletes are tweet-happy, but he also let it be known that the mid-range game is very much part of his scoring repotoire. It's clear that by the game and athelete has changed drastically since Worthy's playing days, but it's nice to see the league's most prolific scorer harkening back to an old school era by scoring at all three levels.

Nets need to emulate Warriors by developing youth, while chasing a title

 If there's one thing you can't knock Steve Nash for this past season, it was his willingness to play rookies meaningful minutes during the regular season. A lot of this was precipitated by Kyrie Irving missing 52 games due to vaccine compliance issues, Kevin Durant being sidelined through the All-Star break with a knee injury and James Harden's balky hamstring sending him in and out of the lineup before his NBA trade deadline deal saw him land in Philly.

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Cam Thomas, Kessler Edwards, David Duke Jr. and Day'Ron Sharpe for large portions of the season saw the floor as starters or rotation players playing in key moments. 

Brooklyn had a lost season in 2021-22 from a championship standpoint, but while playoff success was lacking, the long-term benefit of building experience for the team's young depth will be invaluable in the seasons ahead.

Just ask the Golden State Warriors.

Jordan Poole,  Jonathan Kuminga,  Gary Payton II, and Moses Moody make up the young nucleus of complementary first or second year players that developed into impact players for Golden State in this title pursuit.

After winning just 15 games two seasons ago, the Warriors clinched the play-in last season  only to be beaten by LeBron James' Lakers and Ja Morant's Grizzlies.

Now, Steph Curry and company are just three wins away from their sixth NBA Finals appearance under Steve Kerr's tutelage. Following the Warriors model of striving for a successful championship run, while strengthen young assets, is a template that Nash will need to use to get things back on the up and up in Brooklyn.

Once title favorites, Nets watch helplessly as East's true heavyweights battle

How the mighty have fallen. The favorites to win the Eastern Conference by most oddsmakers, the Brooklyn Nets failed to win a single game in the 2022 NBA playoffs. It's surprising in some respects, perhaps for the national audience, but for those who followed the team's dysfunction and discord game in and game out, a first round playoff sweep by the Celtics was really par for the course.

 Brooklyn doesn't just have one Eastern Conference juggernaut to conquer, but instead: Boston, Miami, Milwaukee and even Philadelphia pose an uphill battle for Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and company to overcome next year. Questions are mounting about Steve Nash's ability to make the proper coaching adjustments and the team's general manager, Sean Marks, whiffed on many free agent additions after having the Midas Touch throughout his tenure with the club.

 The reality is, the Nets championship window is shrinking and the club is further from hoisting a trophy than they were when they formed a superteam in the summer of 2019.

 Marks admitted during the team's off-season press conference that the organization needs to get back to team building and make sure all players are fully committed to one goal. The Nets are expected to offer that wildcard player, Irving, a long-term contract extension, but Marks didn't want to makes any promises he can't keep, especially after hinting that extensions were all but signed, sealed and delivered for Irving and Harden last year. 

 NBA fans at large are rooting for the Nets' demise and so far the team is giving all fans outside of Brooklyn what they're looking for.

LeBron names KD, Kyrie or Kobe as possible teammates in hypothetical 2-on-2 matchup with MJ and Pippen

Game recognize game.

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 LeBron James is fully aware of the star power residing in Brooklyn and in an open Q&A session via Twitter, The King gave an intriguing answer to a compelling question.

Of course, NBA fans will never have an opportunity to see that legendary game happen, but it's clear James' respect for the individual skillset of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant is at an all-time high.

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The late-great Kobe Bryant is as good a candidate as any to play alongside James in a battle of the NBA's greatest legends both past and present.


D espite the last two seasons ending in bitter disappointment for the Nets, fans must not forget just how otherworldly their two superstars can be when healthy and on the court together.

Giannis feels KD's pain of losing in playoffs short-handed

 It was Kevin Durant embracing Giannis Antetokounmpo after a heartbreaking Game 7 loss in the second round of the NBA playoffs last year, this time it was the Greek Freak sending best wishes to Jayson Tatum on the winning side in Game 7 Sunday.

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Without Khris Middleton, the Bucks failed to capitalize on a 3-2 series lead and dropped the final two contests, with Antetokounmpo leaving it an out on the floor.

Sound familiar?

Durant, with a hobbled Harden and without Kyrie Irving due to an ankle injury saw a 3-2 series edge slip away by a half shoe size in Game 7.

The irony and parallels of how the Nets season ended last year and the fashion in which the Bucks were ousted by Boston this year is uncanny.

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As fortuitous as Milwaukee's run to a title was last year and as unlucky as it was for Brooklyn, things came full circle this time around.

Miami awaits Boston in the Eastern Conference finals, while most Nets fans will be rooting for the Western conference winners to take home the Larry O'Brien trophy.

Nets honeymoon phase with Kyrie, KD has reached a crossroads in Brooklyn

 As Brooklyn Turns should have been the slogan for the 2021-22 Brooklyn Nets. A soap opera of a basketball team that had every type of drama, dysfunction and intrigue to make for constant entertainment for Nets' detractors.

 The on-court product was underwhelming due to Kyrie Irving's refusal to comply with local vaccine mandates, Kevin Durant being sideline with an injured knee, James Harden's discontentment and subsequent trade, along with a playoff sweep at the hands of the reviled Boston Celtics.

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Not to mention the fact that Ben Simmons' herniated disc in his back prevented him from playing a single game with the club and forced him to undergo surgery this off-season. 

All told, the Nets were a mess this past season.

Questions about Steve Nash's rotations, offensive philosophy and Sean Marks' roster construction around his two superstars are mounting.

The honeymoon period with Durant and Irving as the faces of the franchise is reaching a crossroads. The Nets have failed to get out of the second round of the playoffs, produced a 7-9 playoff record and one series win in two seasons.

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This is unacceptable for a franchise with championship aspirations. Durant is all about basketball, but Irving's absences call into question his commitment to the team and whether the extension he's expected to sign this summer will include incentives to ensure he remains available for games. Even with those type of stipulations, Irving has shown he's willing to pass up millions of dollars in game checks to do what's in his own best interest.

Marks built an enviable culture in Brooklyn before Irving and Durant arrived and the team needs to get back to that. The Nets executive intimated that any major moves will be discussed with his stars, but at the end of the day, the Nets played 52 seasons before the duo arrived and play will go on long after they retire.

The reality is the Nets need retool the team's complementary pieces and keep everyone on the court this upcoming season. Brooklyn made headlines for all the wrong reasons this past year, now is the time to start fulfilling championship promises. No more honeymoon, it's make or break time in a marriage between the Nets and Irving and Durant that's been littered with issues, some out of their control, but many self-inflicted.

 Personal milestones and highlight reel plays are ahead for the dynamic duo, but at the end of the day, the success of this era of Nets'basketball will only be measured by playoff success, more specifically championships.

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