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As Nets' fans anxiously wait for crucial extensions for Irving, Harden, is it trouble in paradise for Brooklyn?

Sep 8, 2021 2 comments

 Twenty days.

Twenty days.

That's exactly how long the Brooklyn Nets, specifically general manager Sean Marks has to lock up Kyrie Irving and James Harden on long term extensions.

The Nets are normally tight lipped, but disclosing contract terms as per team policy and are mum on injury updates and roster moves.

So while it's been two months since the Nets playoff elimination at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks, Kevin Durant's extension is in the books, but not his  second and third co stars.

There's been nothing but cohesion between Brooklyn's big three and Marks and Steve Nash have maintained a great rapport with the players, so any kind of front office rift can be immediately ruled out.

Marks had to do some maneuvering this off-season, principally finding a trading partner for the seldom used DeAndre Jordan to free up cap space and lesson the tax ramifications related to his bloated contract.

Harden and Irving have been busy recuperating from an injured filled season while giving back to the community with time and charity events meaningful to them.

It's not panic time just yet to iron out extensions, but some unease will quickly turn for the worse if Marks and company don't put the finishing touches on a great off-season.


  1. We've got Cam so if one or both of them want to leave good riddance!

  2. Both players may want to get their championship and run and that's fine because "Cam" is going to need playing time!


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