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David Letterman's humorous exchange with KD served alternative purpose for Nets

Sep 28, 2021 0 comments

 The Brooklyn Nets are a shrewd organization from top to bottom. So, when former late host made an appearance at Nets' Media Day with a noteworthy humorous exchange with Kevin Durant, his presence was as much a public relations stunt as it was anything.

While Kyrie Irving's vaccination status was a major talking point among fans and pundits, having Letterman pose as a reporter and eat into time dedicated to Durant's presser helped take some of the heat off the Nets' star left to answer for his absent teammates.

With the media somewhat disarmed by Letterman's dry humor, that video went viral and served as a distraction to the difficult reality that Irving appears willing to miss home games and practices in light of New York City's vaccine mandate.

You have to give a tip of the cap to Nets' PR because on a day that was nothing short of a disappointment for many Brooklyn fans, SportsCenter and many digital platforms featured the light hearted moment to create a positive story around the team.

It's the oldest public relations trick in the book, create a misdirection and inviting a celebrity to media day accomplished exactly that. Letterman was one of the stars of the show, but didn't entirely overshadow Irving's frustration situation. At least it provided cheerful moments for what will be a complicated conundrum for the team to navigate.


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