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Kyrie Irving hilariously repudiates report he would retire if traded by Nets

Sep 16, 2021 0 comments

Kyrie Irving's sense of humor is often an underrated part of his mercurial personality. The Nets floor general set the record straight on Wednesday as to what his plan would be in the farfetched scenario he was traded away from Brooklyn.

 Irving was the major ringleader for why Kevin Durant joined him in Brooklyn. A West Orange, New Jersey native, Irving grew up idolizing Jason Kidd as he electrified the Meadowlands in a run that included consecutive trips to the NBA Finals in 2002 and 2003.

The then-New Jersey Nets were beat in the championship round by the Lakers and Spurs, respectively. Irving was merely 11-years old during that improbable era in Nets history and was as heartbroken as any Nets fan.

Now in the borough of Brooklyn and representing the greater New York/New Jersey area, the Nets are still chasing that elusive first NBA championship. 

Upon teaming up with Durant in New York's trendiest borough, Irving insisted that when the Nets get to the finals on his watch, they will be sure to deliver a title. 

Recent reports that the Nets could trade Irving and he would retire in that scenario don't align with any of the rationale that saw Irving choose Brooklyn as his top destination in free agency.

 In the 2019 off-season, Irving recruited a superteam cast to help him achieve a childhood dream now as a professional and deliver the Larry O'Brien to the Nets organization for the first time ever.


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