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Kyrie Irving is the reason Kevin Durant is a Net, trading him isn't an option

Sep 20, 2021 0 comments

 Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were a package deal when signed via free agency in 2019 (Durant via sign-and-trade) as the dynamic duo marked a seminal moment in franchise history.

Irving, a lifelong Nets fan dating back to his childhood days in West Orange, New Jersey and while playing for Montclair Kimberly Academy and St Patrick School, always felt a connection to the New York Metropolitan area and team.

So, when Irving and Durant decided to team up during the 2019 off-season, the destination became clear.

 And while Durant holds the keys to Brooklyn's franchise, it was Irving who convinced the 7-footer to build a new legacy for the Nets in Brooklyn and help bring fans in that borough, New Jersey and Long Island the organization's first NBA championship.

General manager Sean Marks built an enviable culture with enthusiastic, young talent under the tutaledge of a blue collar coach that stressed fundamental play and high effort at all times.

Now, that coach is no longer with the team and many of the young pieces were traded for the third head of this Brooklyn monster in James Harden.

However, to even suggest that Marks would move Irving is total hogwash and both he and true Nets fans know that both players were a package deal and the point guard's connection to the Nets is the reason why Brooklyn has built a modern day superteam.


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