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Nets' GM: 'Further discussions' with Kyrie, Harden will take place over next 'week to two weeks'

Sep 21, 2021 0 comments


Nets general manager Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash met with the media on Tuesday. Among the many takeaways from the press conference, anticipated contract extensions for Kyrie Irving and James Harden was chief among them. On the extension front, things are moving in the right direction, but not quite there yet.

Brooklyn's front office leader indicated that with players including Irving and Harden tending to off-season activities related to rehab, community events, time with family, face to face negotiations are expected to intensify.

Marks hinted that he's had very positive discussions with both players including their representatives and family members about solidifying a future in Brooklyn for the backcourt mates.

As far as the pending contract extensions being viewed as a distraction, Marks doesn't subscribe to that and attributes a lack of face to face meeting time as the main culprit for why agreements aren't yet in place.

Exactly one week from today, the Nets open training camp in San Diego, and while Marks' self-imposed deadline could be in jeopardy, the long-term prospects of Harden and Irving remaining with the Nets appears to be positive.


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