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The Brooklyn Nets are a cheat code with absurdly high NBA 2K22 ratings

 The Brooklyn Nets will hands down be the gamer's top choice of clubs to play with in this year's installment of the 2K franchise. 

Unsurprisingly, the Nets have three players ranked over 90 overall with Kevin Durant (96) James Harden (94), and Kyrie Irving (91) showcasing the Big three talents.

Brooklyn has the top overall team rating at 84, while fashioning a star-studded roster.

The Nets are the only team in this year's title to feature three 90-plus rated dynamos on the same team.

Brooklyn's team rebounding (57) and team defense (65) ranked among the bottom tier, but represent the two shortfalls of an otherwise nearly flawless ensemble of offensive standouts.

Even the gamenight experience is as authentic as ever with the game incorporating Olivier Sedra, the Nets public address announcers into the pregame cinematics and gameplay ambience.

Users have been critical of 2K's clunky gameplay with awkward player physics and while improvements to game fluidity have been made, there's still a way to go for the leading basketball videogame franchise.

The Nets' Big three will have a feathery touch from the outside thanks to a revamped shot meter with more realistic responsiveness. This will mean even more gamers splashing through shots from long range.

It will be scary hours this season at Barclays Center this season, and NBA2K fans looking to take down the Nets will likely be in for a whole lot of headaches this season.


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