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Nets fielding offers for Kyrie Irving, but it's time to start hunting for trade partners

Sean Marks and the Nets understand at this point, Kyrie Irving won't be walking through the doors at Barclays Center.

With cases rising throughout the country and particularly higher in the New York Metropolitan area, it's unlikely that City officials or newly elected Mayor Eric Adams are eager to lift the vaccine mandate anytime soon.

Joseph Tsai, Steve Nash and Marks made an organization-wide decision not to allow Irving to be a part-time player with the team. It's also unlikely Brooklyn's brain trust backtracks any from that conclusion.

The most likely scenario is for Irving to play elsewhere this year and for the Nets to not only field offers, but to proactively reach out for the best deals in exchange for the superstar point guard.

One option for Marks is sending a combination of Irving and picks or young assets to Houston for shooting guard Eric Gordon, who played with Harden and would immediately take the scoring onus off him.

Gordon is not a superstar the caliber of Irving, but he'd be a good fit for the scoring needy Nets and allow Harden to facilitate to the supporting cast.

Irving and the Nets are at a standstill, but now is the time for the team to start looking for options to replace him as the third scoring option with the countdown starting until February's trade deadline.

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