Kevin Durant's injury doesn't mean his MVP stock will crash

photo by Doug Bearak

Kevin Durant is the leader in the clubhouse to win the NBA's MVP award. Leading the league at 29.3 points per contest and shooting a blistering 52 percent from the field for a perimeter-oriented player is nothing short of extraordinary.

So for critics suggesting that Durant, who will likely be sidelined 4-6 weeks with a sprained MCL in his left knee, could fall out of MVP contention just by the mere fact that he's missing games is utterly ridiculous.

By the timeline that most are estimating, Durant could miss 20-30 games depending on his rehab.

Is it fair to penalize a player for missing less than a quarter of a season when the body of work throughout this campaign and his entire career speaks for itself?

Not to mention his biggest threat, Steph Curry, has seen his scoring take a precipitous fall after injuring his hand and despite his fellow Splash Brother Klay Thompson returning to the team.

Among the leading candidates for MVP, Durant's injury won't preclude him for hitting the ground running when he returns to the court and it's realistic to think he'll pick up right where he left off in no time. 

So while Durant's detractors will point to his injury as a reason to bump him out of the MVP conversation, those who know and follow the game, know who the real MVP is this year.


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