Kevin Durant's turnover problems nothing new for Brooklyn

Kevin Durant has made 13 field goals on 41 attempts and 12 turnovers in the first two games against the Boston Celtics. Unsurprisingly, Brooklyn is down 0-2 and squandered a 3-point lead with 46 seconds remaining in Game 1 and a 17 point lead in Game 2. Durant has been outmuscled, knocked off his spots and flat out distributed thusfar. The turnover bug bit the Nets' star throughout the regular season. Whether it's the 43 different starting lineups Steve Nash has used this year, the rotating carousel of the supporting cast members, or simply dumb basketball, Durant is absorbing plenty of blame. Meanwhile his running mate, Kyrie Irving, followed up his masterful 39 point outing on Sunday with an eerily quiet 10-point game. Brooklyn's season is slipping away quickly and a perimeter oriented offense without wing players who attack the rim has left the team exposed. Brooklyn hosts Boston on Saturday looking to get its first win of the series.


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