Kyrie Irving questions Elon Musk's future plans for Twitter

It's not unusual for Kyrie Irving or Elon Musk to be the focal point of the media's attention, but when both their paths cross in the public space, things reach an entirely new level. This week Musk made a $43 billion bid to buy Twitter, which raised eyebrows across the globe, including Irving's. Musk's supposed plans to privatize Twitter and put the future of the company entirely into the hands of shareholders has drawn concerns that profit, stock price and other factors will supercede freedom of speech. Big tech has been under fire for censoring and even banning certain public figures from joining the discourse on the free, public platform. Irving has been a major proponent of the free speech and advocate of social justice before and through tumultuous times amidst the pandemic. Irving is posing an interesting question regarding how a potential sale to Musk will impact any people with dissenting views, particularly those belonging to marginalized communities. Musk, a business leader and forward-thinking entrepreneur, and Irving, an otherworldly athlete and outspoken social justice advocate, bring intriguing, but contrasting world viewpoints that will hopefully create an open and healthy dialogue regarding big tech and censorship.


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