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No Sleep in Brooklyn tonight as KD, Kyrie swept out of playoffs by C's

Apr 26, 2022 0 comments
The Nets were their own worst enemy at times this season and the dysfunction and disjointed nature of the club derailed a potential championship winning season. Tip your cap to the Boston Celtics for sweeping the Nets right out of the playoffs. Had Brooklyn kept its own house in order, things may have been vastly different. 

 A defiant Kyrie Irving put his personal beliefs over the priorities of the team and fans by refusing to comply with vaccine mandates, which was well within his rights by the way. James Harden jetted for Philadelphia after Durant went down as he didn't want to deal with a then-part-time Irving and clashed with Steve Nash over offensive philosophy. Kevin Durant missed significant time with a left MCL sprain, logging heavy minutes when healthy to make up for an ineligible Irving then overtaxing himself down the stretch to get the Nets in the best possible playoff situation. 

 Top to bottom, this Nets season was an unmitigated disaster, but a disaster that was preventable. Brooklyn needs to learn its lesson from a lost season and make sure history doesn't repeat itself. The reality is, another year of prime Durant and Irving is in the books without a title to show for it. 

With only a few more runs to make a title push, Brooklyn needs to get its house in order fast. The first order of business will be the free agent status Irving, who wants to remain with the Nets long-term. Next, will be examining whether Nash is the right man for the job, whose body of work so far leaves a lot to be desired. 

There's no sleep in Brooklyn tonight and Sean Marks and Joe Tsai will need to take a hard look in the mirror to retool a flawed by talented roster and shakeup a coaching staff that weathered adversity, but didn't bring out the team's potential.


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