How Steph's historic night at age 34 might inspire Durant

When the 2022-23 NBA regular season gets underway, Kevin Durant will have just turned 34 years of age. Still in his prime, but with a likelihood that some slippage in durability and explosiveness will start to rear its head in the coming seasons.
Look no further than Steph Curry's monumental performance to even the series with the Celtics by dropping 43 points in a do-or-die scenario. Even more impressive is the fact that Curry joined some elite company alongside Michael Jordan and LeBron James as the only three players to score 40-plus points in the NBA Finals at 34 or older. That performance by Curry should light a fire under Durant and in some way inspire the superstar to maintain confidence he can stay on top of his game as he approaches his mid-30's. The reality is, the Brooklyn Nets title window is here and now. 

Unless unforseen transactions bring top level talent to help Durant, Kyrie Irving and newly acquired point guard Ben Simmons, the Nets need to clinch an NBA Finals berth in the next two years for this era of Nets'basketball not to be considered a failure.

 All told, Curry and Durant have a mutual respect, but just like the Michael Jordan and Larry Bird McDonald's commercials that ran in the early 90's, they also believe "anything you can do, I can do better."


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