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Nets' owner has hilarious reaction to 'Fake Klay Thompson' Banned by GSW


If you haven't heard about the antics of "Fake Klay Thompson" by now, you're missing out.

Prior to Game 5 at Chase Center between the Warriors and Celtics, YouTuber Dawson Gurley, otherwise known as Big Daws, waltzed right through security dressed in a full uniform as a Klay Thompson doppelganger.

Passing through five levels of security, including a metal detector, Big Daws made his way through the bowels of the arena and onto the court to get in some pregame shooting practice.

Finally, after doing everything but actually entering the locker room and playing in the game, Dawson was questioned by security about his credentials and only then was politely escorted out of the building.

To Dawson's dismay, he later received a letter from Warriors security banning him for life from games. While the man everyone knows as "Big Daws" noted that he actually paid $10,000 for game tickets and was never asked to show an ID when he impersonated Thompson.

It was no joking matter for the YouTube prankster, but Nets' owner Joe Tsai added a comedic twist to the whole ordeal.

Tsai's witty reply will draw a few laughs, but until the Nets get their own house and roster in order, they will continue to be the butt of NBA pundits' jokes.


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