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Lillard's trade to Milwaukee all but ends Nets, Knicks pipedream of landing Giannis

The chase for Portland superstar Damian Lillard was characterized all offseason as a one team race, but wound up seeing a dark horse team candidate emerge. The seven- time All Star has a new place to call home in Milwaukee.

Trailblazers GM Joe Cronin was issued a trade demand to one destination by Lillard, Miami.

An offseason staring contest between the two clubs front offices saw little to no progress all summer and into the fall. 

 Over the last two weeks, Bucks ownership took heed to Giannis Antetokuonmpo words of warning, when he remained non-committal about signing in Milwaukee long-term unless the team could guarantee they would be contending for titles.


The move for Lillard not only signals that the Bucks are serious about chasing Larry O'Brien trophies, but it also eliminates a lengthy list of possible suitors for their Greek star player services.

Both the Nets and Knicks were among eight to ten teams rumored to be part of a Giannis sweepstakes, should he double down on his win or else demands. 

It appears that Milwaukee has vaulted to the top of the Eastern Conference power rankings and teams like the Nets who are expected to go big star hunting in the off season ahead. Will need to look to other options. 


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