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Kevin Durant faces Nets for first time since demanding trade

 Kevin Durant had a chance to go down as a Nets legend and rewrite the history books by bringing the franchise its first NBA title.

Instead, Durant's tenure with the club became just another disappointing chapter in the history of the Nets.

Had Durant shown more leadership when the locker room was falling apart, had his shoe been one size smaller or had he stuck it out when things were getting tough, the outcome may have been different.

Now, the Nets are retooling in short order and building a roster ripe with you talent and led by emerging stars in Cam Thomas and Mikal Bridges.

Both sides are better off for the divorce. Durant is in Phoenix competing for a title he most likely won't win. He's had his own problems getting his new big three of Devin Booker and Bradley Beal healthy. They'll make their debut as a complete trio on Wednesday against Brooklyn.

As Nets fans officially move on from the Durant era, a win against the friend turned nemesis would go a long way for a group that had to endure so much dysfunction with Durant and Kyrie Irving at the center of it.


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