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Former Net legend's playoff run with Mavs impossible to support


Jason Kidd is synonymous with greatness. He is among the top 75 players to ever touch an NBA basketball. He is in the pantheon of great NBA players and arguably the top Nets player of all time. 

So why would it be so difficult for a Nets fan base to root for the Mavericks head coach and his pursuit of a title?

It has nothing to do with Kidd's unceremonious ending in 2008 as a player in New Jersey or as a head coach with Brooklyn in 2014. 

In fact, Kidd's contributions to the franchise will always be remembered more for the good times than the challenging ones.

The reason why it's impossible for the Nets faithful to pull for the former face of the franchise is that he hitched his wagon to Kyrie Irving. 

Irving made big promises upon signing with Brooklyn, including finishing the job that Kidd had started in New Jersey, by winning a championship. 

Brooklyn fell laughably short with Irving missing the playoffs during the bubble year with an injured shoulder that required surgery. Irving then suffered a leg injury in the 2021 playoffs, followed by being swept by his former team in the Celtics in 2022. 

Irving could not stay healthy and was far from a leader during his time in Brooklyn. He was in fact one of the main culprits for why the team's big three blew up from the inside out. 

There's no question that Irving was among the most talented players to ever wear a Nets uniform, but he will never be a beloved player in this borough after he single-handedly dismantled a super team.

So while Kidd winning his second championship with the Mavericks and first as a head coach would be a storybook tale, Irving's presence on the roster makes Nets fans cringe at the thought of him enjoying success with another franchise. Especially after he burned this one to the ground. 


  1. Perfectly articulated!! I love JKidd, some of my favorite Nets memories are him KMart and RJ back in the day but any team that Irving is associated with i automatically root against.

  2. That’s hate! I couldn’t disagree more. We wish J Kidd and Kyrie the best in all of their endeavors. I can’t believe this nets fan website would promote hating on another man’s success. SMH! I speak for the real Nets fans that still got love for any and all of our current and former players. Stop promoting that nonsense! Do better Nets insider dot com!

    1. Lol no stop apologizing for Kyrie. He should have got vaccinated like everybody else and not posted holocaust denial on his IG. Stop trying to make him seem like a victim or a martyr, real nets fans hate him deservedly so.