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Overpaying this free agent would be fatal mistake for Nets' GM


There's one player on the Nets roster who Is a pending free agent and the most polarizing figure on the roster within the team's fan base. 

He's averaging a double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds along with two blocks on 62.9% from the field. At 25 years of age, the fan base is hoping the best is yet to come from him. 

Unfortunately, for Nets general manager Sean Marks, resigning this player at the wrong price could be a death wish. 

Center Nic Claxton, who is reportedly might command a contract extension in the neighborhood of a $25 million of average annual value (AAV), would be a major mistake for Brooklyn.

Claxton has been a solid player for the Nets, but in the same mold as a Clint Capela, paying him as a top center would not make much sense for the future of the franchise.

Many within the Nets fan base and Twitter base have grossly overestimated Claxton's value and what he deserves on the open market. 

Claxton's free agent market isn't exactly as robust as many expect. Don't anticipate teams lining up to pay a player who is incapable of making a mid-range jump shot top dollar on the open market. 

While the Nets bringing Claxton back at the right price range of $15-$18 million is understandable, anything over the $20 million Mark would just be pure lunacy and a fireable offence for Marks.