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Like Kidd before him, Carter will not be enshrined in Basketball HOF as a Net


It's almost indisputable that Jason Kidd's most productive years were with the New Jersey Nets. The same can be said for Vince Carter. 

When Kidd was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2018, he was  enshrined as a Maverick. Yes, the team that drafted him and he won a championship with as a secondary star.

Carter will also be going into the Hall with the team that drafted him, the Toronto Raptors.

When Air Canada left Toronto, there was much vitriol from the Raptors fan base.

So why is it that two all-time Nets will be memorialized in Springfield, Massachusetts, with another franchise? 

It likely has a lot to do with the Nets running away from their history. Upon the move to New Jersey, the Nets did a terrible job of honoring the Long Island era of basketball. The same can be said upon the move to Brooklyn, when the Nets tried to treat the relocation as a rebranding of a new franchise. 

As the years go on, and the Nets are further and further away from those back-to-back NBA finals berths. Some of the great moments and legends of those years are being forgotten about. 

The Nets public relations staff has done an extremely underwhelming job of welcoming in former alumni and spearheading initiatives to honor the team's history. 

The Nets have finally reportedly decided to retire Vince Carter's number, which is something that is years and years overdue. 

So while there may be some some hard feelings from Nets fans that wanted to see Carter and Kidd with New Jersey Nets gear in Springfield, the organization is as much to blame as anyone.  Sadly, there is not a single player, coach or executive enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame as a Net. 


Brooklyn Nets tease retiring Vince Carter's No. 15


It's about damn time. The Brooklyn Nets are late to the party, better late than never.

Soon to be Hall of famer Vince Carter will have his name enshrined in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame this summer. 

Carter is an all-time legend, but somehow the Nets organization has waited all this time to lift his No. 15 into the rafters. 

This latest tweet by the Brooklyn Nets indicates that a retirement ceremony could be in the offing. 

Carter has already announced, despite his unceremonious departure from Toronto, that he will go into the Hall of Fame as a Raptor.

Perhaps if the Nets were a little more proactive and retired his number and honored one of the franchise's greats sooner, he may have gone in as in New Jersey Net.

While this will be a bittersweet moment for the part-time YES analyst, many Nets fans have been hoping for this day for many years.

As has been the case throughout Nets history, they've been a day late and a dollar short on many occasions. At least Carter will get the tribute he deserves for some terrific years during the New Jersey Nets era. 


Vince Carter's No. 15 not yet retired by Nets, joins YES broadcast booth

Half man, half amazing may have hung up his basketball shoes but he's going to be a big part of the Nets family moving forward. Carter played five of his illustrious 24 seasons with the New Jersey Nets, forming an original big three alongside Richard Jefferson and Jason Kidd. Carter will be eligible for the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2024 and his longevity along with his theatrical dunks and scoring prowess will almost assuredly land him in the hall in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Somehow, the Nets have yet to retire VC's No. 15. The Nets have often been late to the party honoring alumni, but with more former Nets coming into the fold in the broadcast realm, hopefully things are slowly improving. 

Carter will join Jefferson and Devin Harris as former Nets working for the YES Network. The Nets legend turned analyst will be sure to delight fans as a blast from the Jersey past brings his talents to the broadcast booth in Brooklyn.

A Look Back at Nets Original Big Three Era

Author Rick Laughland joins the Only Nets Fans you Know Podcast to discuss the Nets' Vince Carter, Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson led Nets teams in the mid-2000's.

Rick and Peter reminisce about Carter's iconic run with the franchise,  they discuss if the Nets should retire his number and how Jason Kidd's legacy in New Jersey should be remembered today.