Guessing the hidden meaning behind Kyrie Irving's latest tweet

Kyrie Irving is a far out individual. Whether it's his outlandish views about the shape of the Earth, government conspiracy theories, or his on-court ritual of burning sage that he performed at the start of last season, there's never a shortage of opinions on the Nets talented, yet mercurial floor general.
So, when Irving tweets, it sets NBA Twitter on fire. The majority of his posts are cryptic in nature and his most recent tweet follows that same trend. NBA fans are left searching for the true meaning of the tweet. Is Irving at peace with his decision to reportedly stay unvaccinated? 

 Is he at peace with the reports from FoxSports suggesting he would retire from the league if traded by the Nets? 

 Or is he simply zenning out and connecting with his own spirituality to spread peace to the world? 

 It's anyone's guess exactly what is going on in Irving's mind. Meanwhile, Irving reportedly remains one of two Nets still unvaccinated on the squad and the team will hold its media day at Barclays Center starting Monday, September 27 before departing for training camp in San Diego.

 You better believe Irving's status for the upcoming season will be the source of unrelenting questions from fans and the media still unsure of what his intentions are relating to New York's vaccine mandate.


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