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Report: Kyrie Irving still unvaccinated; status for Nets home games, practices in NY uncertain

Sep 24, 2021 0 comments
Sean Marks revealed that two Nets players were still unvaccinated as of this week, but what fans learned on Friday, per FoxSports, is that Kyrie Irving is one of those players.

Training camp opens in San Diego next week, so this development won't impact Irving's ability to attend and participate in camp, but upon the team's return to Brooklyn, the point guard would be precluded from playing in any home games or partaking in practice in New York. 

 The city mandate prohibits unvaccinated players who call the cities of San Francisco and New York City home from playing with fellow vaccinated teammates in that host city. The NBA player's association is fighting the push to institute a leaguewide mandate, so that is off the table for the time being. 

 The only silver lining is that Marks expressed confidence that the two unvaccinated Nets would be vaccinated in the week ahead, but time is ticking on the start of training camp and Irving along with James Harden's contract extensions are organization cliffhangers


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