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Nets won't trade Kyrie, period; especially for Ben Simmons

Sep 23, 2021 0 comments

The rumor mill is running wild and media reports about Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons are filling the void left in basketball fans minds until live game action gets underway in a matter of weeks.

Simmons reportedly informed the Sixers that he won't report to training camp and has already played his last game with the organization, meanwhile, Irving's representatives have reportedly told teams that the Nets point guard will retire if sent packing from Brooklyn. The notion that Kevin Durant's presence is the only thing keeping this proposed move from happening is absolutely ludicrous.

It's 2021, so the media can run wild with any scenarios that are feasible in any distant planet. Don't let the facts ruin a good story as a Simmons for Irving swap is about as likely as James Harden winning a slam dunk competition.

Those odds, in case you were wondering, are slim and none. Perhaps the reporting is accurate, and only said reporter knows for a fact, but NBA fans both hardcore and casual can detect a ridiculous rumor when they hear one and this recent report defies all logic and is as farfetched as they come.


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