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Angry Nets Fans Remember, Without Kyrie there's no KD or Harden

Dec 11, 2021 0 comments


Fans can be fickle and forgetful. Kyrie Irving is absorbing heat for his refusal to get vaccinated and comply with local mandates. The Nets don't want Irving as a part-time player and thus the standoff has reached its fifth month.

Fans and media clamoring for the Nets point guard to make the decision they want and what's best for their team, not the individual. 

At the end of the day, Irving has a personal choice, but he'll have to live with the consequences of his decision.

No NBA basketball unless there's a change to New York City vaccine requirements or he opts for some form of the vaccine.

Most fans and the public at large are outraged at Irving's decision amidst a health crisis with the pandemic simply much bigger than the game of basketball.

Most quickly forget that it was Irving who was the key driving force for bringing Kevin Durant to Brooklyn with him back in 2019 and forming a superstar duo that James Harden couldn't resist joining upon wiggling out of Houston.

The Brooklyn Nets as you see them today, are a culmination of Irving assuming the role as lead recruiter for his childhood team. 

So not matter how upset, annoyed or disenfranchised you are with the Nets franchise point guard, remember, there's no KD or Harden without Kyrie.


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