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Report: 'Nets players and coaches want Kyrie to join team ASAP'

Dec 13, 2021 0 comments

 According to Shams Charania of the Athletic, there is renewed optimism about Kyrie Irving returning to the Nets this season.

Charania indicates there's been increased dialogue between Kevin Durant and Irving about his fit on the team and analyzing Nets' game.

It's unclear the exact scenario around Irving's potential return. There's been no clear indication that vaccine mandates for pubic venues in New York City will be lifted anytime soon. 

Back in September, the Nets' brass of Joe Tsai, Sean Marks and Steve Nash refused to allow Kyrie to be a part-time player and practice with the team, while playing only in road games where the vaccine mandate doesn't apply.

The recent report could mean one of three things, either the Nets are softening their stance regarding Irving being a part-time player, Irving has agreed to get the vaccine or there has been a change to New York City's vaccine mandate.

Whatever the case may be, the report is a major development for the Nets' title chances this upcoming season. Brooklyn has the best record in the Eastern Conference, but has failed every litmus test against the NBA's elite teams. As this story is updated, further details will emerge, but this has to be an encouraging sign as virtually nothing has been reported about Irving's status changing since the start of the year.


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