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LeBron James objects to NYC's mandate impacting Kyrie

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving didn't exactly have a storybook ending together in Cleveland, but that didn't stop the Lakers superstar from siding with his former teammate.

Lots has been made regarding the hypocrisy of New York City's private business vaccine mandate that allows Irving to attend Barclays Center as a fan but not play in games.

 James is calling it how he sees it regardless of how is personal relationship with Irving deteriorated in his final season alongside him in Cleveland and in the years since both of their departures.

At the end of the day, the inconsistencies with the mandate are a bit mind numbing, but the situation is within Irving's control if he were to reverse course and comply with the vaccine mandate. 

James has a huge sphere of influence in the NBA, but it's unlikely the league will change its stance and allow Nets' owner Joe Tsai to simply pay fines and allow Irving to play.

Something has to give in a predicament where either side doesn't appear to be ready to blink.


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