NYC Mayor sends brutally honest message to Kyrie Irving, Nets


For those who thought New York City Mayor Eric Adams, an admitted Brooklyn Nets fan, would loosen the vaccine mandate to pave the way for Kyrie Irving to return full-time, that scenario appears less and less likely.

Making a public appearance to unveil a $2.2 million renovation at Saratoga Park in Brooklyn, Adams responded to a heckler in attendance that implored him to allow Kyrie Irving to play.

"Listen, Kyrie can play tomorrow. Get vaccinated," Adams fired back at the heckler.

As we all know, Irving has shown zero willingness to even discuss his rationale for not getting vaccinated, nevertheless take the vaccine. Irving has made a choice, but now he as well as his teammates and Nets fans need to deal with the consequences.

Something has to give. The Nets host the Knicks on Sunday as Irving will be eligible to sit in the stands, but not play on the court. The mandates were rightfully put into place to avoid community spread, but it's impossible to ignore the hypocrisy that Irving can sit as a fan in his own arena and practice at the team's facility, but not play in a game.

There are 15 games left in the season, only four more Irving is eligible for before the playoffs.

Irving is expected to sit courtside for Sunday's matinee matchup at Barclays Center between the Knicks and Nets.

Unless Adams reverses course in a hurry, there's no sign Irving's part-time status will be changing anytime soon.


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