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Kyrie can do the funniest thing against Boston


Even mention the name Kyrie Irving in the city of Boston and you'll likely get a few disgusted glances if not worse. While Irving wore out his welcome in Brooklyn with management and ownership, there is still a contingent of the fans that doesn't blame him for how things ended up. 

Boston fans on the other hand, put the entire situation on Irving's shoulders. 

Now, Irving travels to TD Garden next Thursday night, June 6, with the Celtics standing between him and a second ring. 

It's an incredible storyline that even the NBA scriptwriters may not have come up with. 

Irving is locked in and Luka Doncic looks like a man on a mission.

Jason Kidd has an opportunity to win his first ring as a coach and join elite company as one of the few to win a ring as a player and coach. 

The emergence of rookie Dereck Lively and additions of Kyrie Irving at last year's deadline along with Daniel Gafford and Derrick Jones Jr. at this year's deadline may have been the exact moves that Nico Harrison needed to compete a championship puzzle. 

The 2024 NBA Finals will be a tightly contested series, but with the most formidable one-two punch in the game, Dallas might cause a world of hurt for fans in Brooklyn and Boston. 


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